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Privacy Pledge

Your privacy is important to You3Dit. In order for you3Dit to provide the best possible service to its users, some data must be collected. You3Dit’s promises to every user is as follows:

  • You3Dit will only collect user data when it is needed for functionality;
  • You3Dit will only share data from users to comply with the law, or develop our products and services.

Privacy definitions

You3Dit may also be referred to in this document as, we, our, its, or us. You3Dit maintains a website ( in which a user can (1) create an account, (2) request a bid for a product or service, (3) or buy a product or service related to 3-dimensional computer design, or 3-dimensional printing, digital fabrication, desktop manufacturing and / or any combination thereof.

User may also be referred to in this document as you, your, he, she, him, his, her, s/he, his/her and other like terms. A user is anyone who engages You3Dit to (1) register an account, (2) to request a bid for a product or service, (3) or to buy a product or service.

Personally identifiable information (PII) may include information that you provide to us when (1) creating a You3Dit user account, (2) requesting a bid for a product or service, (3) or buying a product or service. This may include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, organization, city, state, and zip code.

Non-personally identifiable information (NPII) is collected without any direct association with you specifically. In the normal course of using, we may collect information about your habits and usage of our sites. This may include a user’s internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, or internet service provider (ISP).

Cookies are a form of NPII and will normally be stored on your computer if you visit Generally, cookies work by assigning to your computer a unique number that has no meaning outside of You3Dit. You3Dit uses them to provide features such as personalization, to save your account ID, and to keep track of your shopping cart, etc. You3Dit may also use cookies to assist it in delivering content specific to your interests. Additionally, after you've entered your account ID and password during a session on, You3Dit saves that information so you don't have to re-enter it repeatedly during that session. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent that. Not accepting cookies may make certain features of unavailable to you.

Data Usage Policy

You3Dit collects user PII for several reasons. The functionality of You3Dit depends on being able to process user requests in an organized fashion. For example in order to efficiently deliver a user’s order, You3Dit must obtain shipping, billing and user asset information. However, PII is only used internally to You3Dit and is never sold, or otherwise provided, to a third party, unless required by law.

You3Dit collects user NPII for several reasons. Internally to You3Dit NPII is used to analyze how a user is interacting with including user trends and user habits. This data allows You3Dit to improve the service it provides to its users, both generally and specifically. Aggregate trends may be used by you3Dit to adjust the experience for all users, while your NPII may be used by You3Dit to tailor the experience You3Dit provides to you. Externally from You3Dit NPII may be sold, or otherwise provided, to third parties. This can function as an important form of revenue for You3Dit and allows You3Dit to continue to provide its users with tremendous access to a worldwide, world-class service. The disclosure of NPII contributes to You3Dit’s mission of spreading the use of 3-dimensional computer aided design, 3-dimensional printing, desktop manufacturing, digital fabrication and ultimately bringing peoples's ideas to life.

Kids under 13 years of age

You3Dit does not seek to collect identification information about kids under 13 years of age. If we discover such information, we will delete it. Thus, we typically retain no identifiable information about kids. However, if a parent believes his/her child has provided us information they should contact a system administrator immediately at so that information can be removed.

Opt-out policy

Some functions can be opted out of, such as newsletters. To opt out of any such functions, check your after you login.

Privacy policy changes

You3Dit maintains the right to change any of its privacy policies at its sole discretion. Privacy policy changes will be update here in a timely manner. The user shall check the You3Dit privacy police often, and is responsible for knowing and understanding You3Dit’s current privacy policy. Questions or comments relating to You3Dit’s privacy policy should be directed here: